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韓國【A by Bom】黄金葉抗氧化面膜 10片

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The Ultra Royal Leaf Mask is a luxurious two-step sheet mask set formulated to emphasize the hyper synergy effect of Gold and Royal Jelly. This set promotes glowing healthy skin with targeted anti-aging benefits and protective qualities from various environmental stressors.

Royal Leaf Patch: These golden patches revitalize the skin with intense anti-aging effect even on the most sensitive or problematic skin. There are 2 big patches and 2 small patches to be used on desired areas, whether they are eyes, cheeks, or other areas of concern.

Ultra Royal Leaf Mask: This sheet mask works to provide overall skin improvement. It is a cashmere-like soft mask that effectively strengthens the skin while providing nourishing hydration and skin firmness. This mask is made with Trans TENCEL sheet, a next-generation material developed by the Austrian company Lenzing. It is a breathable natural sheet mask that allows skin to absorb all the mask nutrients rapidly and effectively.  

Single Sheet Mask: Royal Leaf Patch 8 ml, Ultra Royal Leaf Mask 25 ml 
10 Sheet Mask Box: Royal Leaf Patch 8 ml, Ultra Royal Leaf Mask 25 ml x 10